Wrong search results for v3 candidates search

I’m implementing a candidate search function for Young Capital based on your API.

Strange results are returned; results that in no field match the query:

https://api.catsone.nl/v3/candidates/search?query=lafeber&page=1&per_page=25 (you know the API key)

The second match doesn’t contain lafeber anywhere.

Also, if you query lennarthil, the candidate with email lennarthil@hotmail.com is not returned, only exact matches on email. How can I change this? Using filters doesn’t seem to accomplish anything.

I hope you can help!

Hi there,

Sorry about the delayed response over the holiday weekend.

To your first question, the second result in that search (id: 6788921) contains the word “lafeber” in her resume. The generic search that you’re using will search through all the major fields as well as all the attachments marked as resume. This functions similar to the grid search in the CATS UI; if you type ‘lafeber’ into the candidate grid search, you will get the same two results. Note: just like is the case here, a name matching the search string is ranked more highly than a random word in the resume, so you won’t ever see results like this one on top unless there are no other good matches. If you’d like to be stricter with your searches, you can write your own filter and pass it to the POST /candidates/search endpoint to narrow down what fields you’re trying to search through.

And for your second question, our search will always try to match full words, not partial words. In this case, the whole email is considered a single word. In order to accomplish this you will want to search for lennarthil* which will search for any “word” that begins with “lennarthil”, which should include the email you’re after. If that results in too many results, you can similarly run a contains filter on the email field to narrow down your results.

POST https://api.catsone.nl/v3/candidates/search?page=1&per_page=25
  "field": "email",
  "filter": "contains",
  "value": "lennarthil*"