Workflow Prerequisites - And, Or, Immediate Predecessor Status

In the current Workflow, you can set prerequisite statuses. If you select more than one, CATS treats this as an implicit AND, and the candidate must have gone through all of the selected statuses in order for you to move them to the status that has the pre-requisites. This severely limits the usability of the functionality. It would be much more useful if you could select conditions that include that the candidate have had a prior status “AND” another, but also have a status “OR” another, or in some cases, that the have a status immediately prior to the one you want to limit.

“OR” example: A new applicant through your web site gets the “New Applicant” status. A new applicant through email gets the “New Applicant - Email” status. You want to require that either of these is a pre-requesite for “Interview”. You cannot currently do this. Selecting both as prerequisites will result in the candidate having to have had both of them. Selecting “New Applicant” means you have to move an email-originated applicant first to “New Applicant” from “New Applicant - Email” and then to “Interview”.

“Predecessor/Immediately Prior” - This would be to enforce that in order to move to a status, the candidate would have to be in the immediately preceeding status. This would prevent someone who is in the “Offer” status being moved to “New Applicant”. It would also allow you to prevent someone from being moved to “Offered” before the “Hiring Manager - Approved” if these were linear progressions in your workflow.