Visual Pipeline; Drag & Drop Candidates through Stages

I would stay with CATS for life if you implemented a visual pipeline (kanban) where you drag and drop candidate tiles into stages/columns as they progress through the hiring process. This is the only reason I’m considering other options.

Hi Ben,

This is a good suggestion! Honestly this something we’ve always thought about doing.

We’re currently in the middle of releasing the latest version of our UI, but this could definitely be something I see us adding in the future. Possibly a toggle between the regular grid view of a pipeline and this tile/drag and drop view that you suggested.

We’ll start exploring the idea and mocking this up! I’ll make sure to keep you updated on this.

Hi Jeff,

This is great news!! I’ve actually been using a separate (visual pipeline) system, so I’m having to duplicate all my efforts. To have all the functionality of CATS and the Visual Pipeline (Tile Drag/Drop) capability would make your platform the holy grail of ATS’s.

Looking forward to the new UI release and excited to see a visual pipeline in the not too distant future.


Hi Jeff, I wanted to follow up on the tile/drag and drop view we discussed. What do you think in terms of timing?

Thanks, Ben

Hi Jeff,

Is the tile drag & drop view still in the works? If so, do have an idea on timing?

Thanks, Ben


I’ve followed up a few times on your comments regarding the visual kanban (tile/drag & drop) but haven’t heard back.

I’m anxious to hear any updates and timeline to roll it out. Please advise.

Best, Ben

Hi Ben,

Sorry about that. We’re working on two of our largest-ever projects right now, improved access control/permissions, and a major reporting improvement.

Something like drag and drop view would most likely come along with an overhaul of our datagrids, which is definitely in our backlog for the future. However, considering we just did a pretty significant UI improvement with Nala, we are focusing on features and integrations for the near future. So, unfortunately I can’t really give an estimate as to when we’d start tackling a feature like this. The closest estimate I could give is that it could be sometime next year.