Use Custom Groups to Streamline Profile Navigation

(Erik Schuller) #1

(Approx. reading time: 3 minutes)

Many of you already know that CATS allows you to create custom fields within profiles to keep track of additional information that may be unique to your recruiting process. What’s more, you can also create custom groups to better organize those fields, and minimize any groups that you are not currently looking at. This is a beneficial feature to make navigating your profiles more manageable and hide anything that doesn’t pertain to the current search you are performing. You can create a custom field by unlocking the padlock in the upper right corner of any profile and pressing the green folder with a “+” icon in the middle of it:

You can then name this group according to the type of fields that are going to be in it. For example, if you offer staffing solutions for both IT and healthcare companies, you don’t need to have the IT fields available when looking for healthcare candidates and vice versa. So, you can make a group for each of these:

This will enable you to minimize the groups that you do’t need for your current search. If you are currently recruiting for an IT position, you can minimize your healthcare related fields with the arrow next to that group, so you don’t have to see the additional fields:

This group will stay minimized, even when navigating to other candidate profiles, until you press the arrow again. This can also be utilized to quickly search for basic information about each candidate, without scrolling through numerous fields, just to see events scheduled for that candidate:

This is a beneficial tool to use for ensuring your profiles are organized in order to maximize efficiency for any of your searches.

Have you found anyway to utilize custom groups for streamlining your CATS experience? We would love to hear about how you are using this feature.