Update/Delete multiple records


I want to edit some fields in all of the candidates in our system, using the CATS API. Is there a way to update all of them at once, since currently I have to send separate request for each candidate. And there is a limit of 500 requests per hour.

Also I want to delete the activities for these candidates, which as far as I understood will require a new request for each activity.

We do not have the ability to update multiple candidates at once, you will have to do those one at a time. And yes, there is no way to mass delete in the API either, so you’ll have to delete those one at a time.

Thanks for the answer.

Is it possible then to increase the requests limit ?

Since we currently have around 25 000 candidates and 25 000 * n activities. And it will take some time to edit/delete them all by sending 500 requests per hour.

Request limits are limited to keep the service snappy for everyone, so unfortunately we can usually increase that for anyone, especially for the purpose of doing a long-running process that could negatively affect service.