The most underrated Workflow tags

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When building a workflow trigger, it’s common to use tags to fill in basic information like a candidate’s first name, or their desired salary. This post is about some more obscure tags buried deep in the list that you might have scrolled over, or never knew existed!

* Slaps roof of workflow trigger *

“This bad boy can fit so many tags in it”

For example, an easy way to send candidate information to someone would be to use the Resume Download Link tag, maybe in combination with the Candidate Work History tag and some basic fields like desired pay, current pay, and date available.

Those last 3 tags are, respectively:


But we’re talking about the underrated tags! So to begin our list we have:


Another useful thing to do when sending an email trigger is to include a link to the record. If you want to notify a CATS user about a status change via email, including a link to the associated record can be an easy way for the recipient to jump straight to that page. Below are two examples:


(Hint: search “URL” in the tags pane to see all URL tags)

I was originally going to write a post about only the URL tags, so a lot of these are going to be URLs since I think they’re very useful. Use the public URL tag to send a link to the job on your Career Portal.


If you don’t want to send your entire email signature with every email, you can always use tags to create a short version. As Tony mentioned in another post, including your Meeting Scheduler URL can be an incredibly easy way for people to book time on your calendar. So for my second to last tip, we have:


And lastly, we have the status tags. Whether you want to update a candidate or a recruiter, use these tags to inform the recipient which status the candidate was in, and which status they’ve been moved to. Let the system do the talking for you by adding tags like these to the various stages of your workflow.


And although I said candidate above, these will work on any record type. They’d be just as useful to inform people of Job Order status changes!

As always, I’d love to hear how our users are utilizing tags in their workflow. Feel free to comment below!

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