Templates Section


Can we have a section called templates. I would like to be able to access templates in various subjects having to do with the workflow. Ideally, from the job order and candidate page, I would like to be able to click a template button and select a template to open and save to the candidate and/or individual job page or list page.

I know we already have the ability to create email templates. Can we have an entirely new section where we can create all our templates that can be saved to the other sections. For example, right now if I’m going to make a first interview call, I have to open the template in Word, create and save the template on my computer and then upload the interview notes as an attachment. It would be great if, from the candidate page, I could click a button and a library of templates would open (much like the list library which gives me the opportunity to create new or select previously saved lists or the email template library). Then I conduct the interview and fill out the template in real time, then click a new save as button and have the interview saved as a doc, or pdf etc. right there in the candidates profile.