Temp Hirers - Timesheet through CATS?

Is there any chance of setting up a timesheet process for CATS temp staff similar to CV/resumes submissions to client system. Candidates could input hours and forward to client allowing client to sign and revert to accounts ready for payment.

Hi Zara,

Timesheets have definitely been discussed here internally. At the moment we’re prioritizing other improvements, and are making a big push to finish our latest Nala release.

I’m curious, would you like to see an integration with an existing timesheet app, or see it directly built into CATS?

Hi Jeff

Thanks for confirming you guys have been discussing this process. Would love to see integration in to CATS but if you can suggest anything app, UK comparable that we can consider in the interim then that wold be a great help. Clients are finding it a bit of a mission to sign timesheets from staff as they are not always around but they can agree the hours and rules are they have to sign the timesheet every week (for now).

I think a direct built in timesheet system would be perfect. It could really be a simple timesheet but save so much time. Thanks!

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I agree, would love to see a built in or integration with a basic TS provider

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Hi all,

What is everyone using now? If we go the integration route it would be nice to know what apps to look into.

I’ve been using www.timerewards.com for several years. It totally integrates Quickbooks On-line and allows clients to approve time. Only about $6-7/month per person but worth it. I know there is also TSHEETS

It would be “nice to have” in CATS but I don’t think it would be very valuable unless there was a complete HR management and financial/accounting system also integrated with CATS.