Tags - user and date added?

Is there any way to determine when or which user added a tag? This may be a nice feature to be able to hover over a tag and determine who/when or have this noted in the feed.


Hi Jessica,

Not right now, unfortunately. This is the first time we’ve heard this suggested, so we’ll see if we have any other users commenting or voting. How commonly do you find yourself wondering who tagged a record a certain way?

Hi Jeff!

Thanks for letting me know, every once in a while.

However,after speaking with my team today, we would love to be able to click on the “Tags” field and have it pop up with the options (instead of navigating to the three dots). Apparently we all click on the field multiple times a day.

The other thing that has been requested is to be able to add color to the tags. Individually or by category would be really helpful.

As always, thank you!


Hi Jessica,

I agree it feels like you should be able to edit tags by clicking something in the Tags field. I’ve got this scheduled as an improvement to make. I’ll circle back here when we’ve managed to do so.

We’ll definitely consider the added dates on Tags as a future improvement.

Thanks Jeff! That would be great. As always - we appreciate your help!

YES!! We’ve talked about this lots within our recruitment team too - would be very helpful!

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If we could timestamp tags, or another field… that would be FANTASTIC. For things like “can relocate” or a candidate’s Visa status, it would be helpful to know when someone tagged this (not necessarily who). For the things that may change in a few months, years, etc it would be extremely helpful to know when they were entered/tagged.

I like that idea Caitlin. I’m curious where you see the timestamps showing up, in the Tags field itself or maybe in the Feed for the record?