Submit Candidate Button

(Ben Ling) #1

It would be a huge improvement to be able to submit resume and notes to colleagues or clients directly from CATS.

(Mike Gallagher) #2

Hi Ben - You are able to submit candidates to clients with the “Submit to Client” trigger. The trigger itself is an email sent to the specified contact for the job order that the status change is regarding. When configuring the trigger, you can write a template email using tags that will be populated with the relevant information and CATS will also automatically include a link to a page at which your client can view the candidate’s resume, leave feedback, and approve or decline.

Based on your client’s review, you can specify to which status in your workflow the candidate should be automatically moved.

To learn more about triggers, customizing your workflow and the Submit to Client trigger, I’d recommend taking a look at this video on our Youtube channel and this article from the Knowledge Base. Of course, let us know if you have any questions!