SMS Text Message in Workflow Triggers [Planned!]

(system) #1

Send text messages based on change-of-status in a workflow.

(Drew Adams) #2

This would be a very strong addition to this feature. Also force all phone numbers as mobile incase cats doesn’t recognize.

(Jeff Pauline) #3

Hi Drew,

We agree that a SMS trigger would be a strong addition! It’s something that we’ve been considering since we started building the feature.

At the moment we want our users to see the SMS feature as a one-to-one interaction, and while that could still be the case with the addition of triggers, it could also open up the feature to mass-status changes and the resulting spam.

Considering the implications of triggers and building the functionality to do them appropriately would have delayed the SMS feature for longer than we have liked, but I want you to know that it is on our roadmap for a future improvement.

As far as the phone number default, we’ve definitely heard feedback on this issue and are considering a setting to alleviate this issue. Stay tuned!

(Samy Karsenty) #4

How about enabling SMS for non-US/Canada companies or best integrating with whatsapp?

As a user based in Israel and France, the SMS feature is available only to the US and Canada CATS clients and it is really not practical to SMS/Whatsapp communicate with candidates or clients outside of CATS.


(Jeff Pauline) #5

Hi Samy,

Good suggestion! We do want to do an integration with What’s App! It’s on our roadmap after our upcoming Nala release. Stay tuned!