SMS Text Functionality in the UK

Hi, is there any chance that Cats could enable SMS functionality for the UK? As the fastest, highest response rate method of communication not having this puts Cats users in the UK at a significant disadvantage against our competitors who use other ATS systems. I would be more than happy to pay a premium for this critical functionality if the issue is one of cost but it would make a huge difference to our business if we were able to send SMS through Cats as currently enabled for clients in the US and Canada.

Hi Tony,

Thank you for bringing this up to us again. Unfortunately it’s not something we can simply enable. SMS in the UK and EU would require us to integrate with an entirely different provider, which, while not out of the question, would be a pretty large project for us.

We’re in the middle of planning our next improvements, so I’ll make sure I add this to the discussion and see where it falls in the priority for the future. I know some CATS customers are using solutions already for SMS, if we were to go the integration route, is there a specific provider you’d prefer?