Show LinkedIn connection in CATS profile

As more people secure their LinkedIn account, I’m noticing that when I pull connections through the CATS extension into my CATS database. This is resulting in some candidate profiles not having an email address in their CATS profile as their settings on their LinkedIn page withhold their information.

It would be a good feature to have an indication in CATS to say that I am connected to that person on LinkedIn (and can, therefore, email them through LinkedIn if I need to reach out to them) or if a colleague had imported their data, that they are connected to them, so I will know that I will need to reach out via my colleague.

very good idea, it’s very interesting

Hi Gerard,

This is a good suggestion, we’ll have to do some digging on our end to see how possible this is. For example, it would require each user on your CATS account to sync their LinkedIn account and connections with us (not sure if this is possible).

LinkedIn has (in the past) been pretty difficult to work with, but this is a good enough suggestion that we can investigate further.

We do want to be better integrated with all social media, so perhaps this could be added in a future release as we overhaul our social media/notification settings in CATS.

Hi Jeff,

Having thought about this more simply, You nearly have the information there already with your “Source field” this added to the “Created” field will give most of the answers that I need to find out who it was.

The screenshot below would lead me to see that the record was imported from LI by my colleague Keith and common sense would tell me to contact Keith to reach out to this person. so it may be something that is already nearly solved.

Hmm, I hadn’t thought of it that way! I guess if the candidate has an email address and was created from LinkedIn, then it’s likely that the creator is connected with them. But definitely not guaranteed. Either way, good thinking!