September Product Updates

  • Indeed Sponsorship Changes
    • Sponsorship duration increased from 15 days to 30 days and you can also set a custom budget with a minimum of $200. 11%20PM
  • Zapier integration improvements
  • Custom Portal Columns
    • You can now add custom columns to your portal, including both standard fields found on job records as well as custom fields that are unique to your account. You can add columns to your portal’s jobs listings page from the Jobs Layout card within your portal’s settings. 59%20PM
  • Filter widgets by user
    • You can now filter widgets on the Dashboard to display information pertaining to all users, the current user, or a specific user. For example, you could create a widget that displays the number of candidates in specific statuses only where you are the owner of the job with a Pipeline Summary widget.
  • Review Process and Scorecards added to Recruiter/Agency version of CATS
    • Accounts using the version of CATS designed for third party recruiters/agencies now have the Review Process and Scorecards feature. This allows you to add a review step anywhere in your workflow, at which point the user or users you specify will be prompted for an approval of the candidate. Based on their response, the candidate will be automatically moved to the status specified when the review step was created. To add review steps to your workflow find the Review Process card on your Job Order record and click Edit Scorecard & Steps.