Second layer to Job industries / Job titles

I currently have a fairly broad range of Job industries which people can select to be allocated too (screenshot below to keep things simple)

My suggestion is that, following on from the job category, a second (customizable) layer of selections would be available to get more specific with job titles in that industry.

In this example, the person wants to be notified about accounts and finance jobs, however, this is quite broad. This person is actually a Cash allocation analyst, so If I send him a Credit control role, I get an angry email back to say he is not interested.

Ideally, I would like a second form field to list all of the job titles in that area, so people can be even more specific about the type of job they are contacted about. This would also be super helpful when making shortlists.

The idea would be that the first (broad) industry would be selected, and would open up the new list to show which specific roles in that industry that the candidate would be suitable for.

In my mind, it would look like this:


Is that something CATS could do?