Searchable description field

Hi Jeff, It would seems quite valuable to our organisation and I’m sure to others if the the job description field would be searchable. Our main goal is that we could easily find client that use certain technologies (at least request it). We do use tags but tags for us are use for more common skills (C##, Python, SQL,…) but for unusual technologies or products it doesn’t make a lot of sense to create tags. The ability to search job orders could help us sourcing people using a specific product or tech listed in job description.

Thanks André Létourneau Alteo

My company would find this feature useful as well. I see there was no reply or further discussion of this after the OP - am I missing a feature that already exists for this type of search? A filter on the Jobs page to filter the Job Description field by keyword would be most useful.

Hi Dave,

Thanks for bringing this back to our attention. Although we don’t currently have a “Description” filter (which is something I’ll be bringing to the team for a review), you can use the general “Search this grid” box to search for content within a job description. “Search this grid” searches all data within the record type of the grid, so it will also return results for content in the description.

If we come to a conclusion regarding a specific description filter though, I’ll make sure to circle back to this!