Search Score

(Lou Berger) #1

Hi there!

When I look at the columns in my job orders, on the far left side, in the first column, is a bar graph icon. That bar graph icon, when I hover over it, is called “Search Score.”

I cannot find it in the choices available to me when I want to define the columns I see, and I would like to know how to find it there.

Also, it USED to have fewer bars, or more bars, depending on, I assume, the numerical value of the Search Score.

These days, every instance is a full set of bars and that, honestly, doesn’t help me.

Since the column is sort-able, I frequently click it to sort the results by relevance, assuming that the more times a search item shows up in the resume, the more relevant that candidate is for my job order.

I know that this works, because when I do sort that column, the first row in the grid is either loaded with keywords (high search score) or there’s only one (low search score).

Since the graphic is the same, regardless of the search score, and since having it be the same is useless to determine what order the grid is in after sorting on that column, is it possible to replace the individual bar-graphs (all the same) with the numeric search score that is appropriate for each row?

When sorting, it would make it easy to see what order the grid is sorted, were that the case.

What do you think?

(Jeff Pauline) #2

Hi Lou,

Thank you for your feedback! I had a quick chat with the development team and this is (as usual) a more complicated problem than it seems. The fact that the terms and filters of each search are different often leads to huge discrepancies in the “relevance” score.

Looking at the search you ran, you narrowed down your candidates to 109 results – but every candidate was showing 5/5 bars for relevance. So I definitely see what you’re talking about. We’ll look into that issue and continue to brainstorm a better way to display that relevance. At the very least, the relevance score should show some discrepancy between the 1st result and the last.