search agents

Was wondering if there was an interest in seeing search agents for catsone. Similar to what you get from monster or careerbuilder. If you have an search agent in place and someone applies you get an email based on keywords you have set up. I think it would be a great tool as long as its set up to scan the resume vs including the job description that they are applying too as you wouldnt want the keywords from a relevant job skewing your boolean / keyword search string.

Hi Peter,

So this would be a string of keywords (boolean capable) that you set up in CATS? And then you’re notified when someone applies with one (or more) of those words in their resume? How many of these do you picture running at one time? I can definitely see this being useful and have actually been discussing something similar with our CEO over the past few days. We’ll keep this in mind as we start planning future improvements.

Thanks again!

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