Scheduled follow-up Email automation for clients and candidates

Hey Cats team!

Your system is soooo close to offering a great follow up email automation tool like these services here: or or

What they do is allow you to create a series of automated emails to potential prospects until they reply back to you. You can schedule them out in sequence by using templates that you create. From there, you can view a dashboard of how many people opened, clicked link, bounced or replied back etc…

This would be a great tool to use in Cats when you want to set up a follow-up emails to a group of hot candidates that you want to find out are still open to hearing about new jobs, or automated emails sent out to potential hiring managers after making a marketing call…

So far Cats has the ability to schedule out emails, and have templates:

But, would be really cool, is if you:

  1. Added the feature of stopping the email sequence when someone replies back.

  2. An email dashboard widget that shows the activity all on one place like: Opened, Links Clicked, Bounced, replied, unsubscribed, etc.

I love this! I use woodpecker (similar to but it is expensive and outside of the system. I would love to be able to create an automated flight in CATS, with the ability to schedule follow ups. Thanks for suggesting!

Thank you for this, I’m going to add a lot of your suggestions to my notes. We’re in the middle of designing improvements to our CRM functionality and this is a core feature for CRMs (as you know!)

I’ll make sure to circle back to this post and update it when I have more information!