Ring Central Integration

Ring central, is a phone VOIP system that allows texting . It is the only voip system that I know of in canada that has a text feature that can use Canadian numbers - texting is the way to go to connect with some candidates. I have heard that another company has successfully integrated this and are logging calls and texts.

Hi Kevin,

Thank you for the suggestion! Integrating with RingCentral is actually something we currently have in our development backlog. This would include the auto-logging of calls and texts as activities in CATS. Is there anything else you would like to see out of this integration?

Cool. Is it far down the pipeline?

RE ringcentral integration… It would be cool if Cats could be enabled to automatically open the file of a candidate calling in, in a fresh window. This would help jog the recruiter’s memory of the candidate by seeing the file as we pick up the phone - no more fumbling around. A dated note taking system to add details to the file might be useful too.

since ringcentral permits texting, one button duplicating of an email into a text might be useful as well. Resumes often list gmail accounts which may only be checked once a week. Sending a text in addition will lead to quicker response times Best Regards


I would like to see the same feature added. Right now I have a generic number from CATS that I never use. I would love to be able to just give out my business number and not my personal cell phone number for texting.

Thanks for your support, It looks like an intergration is going to happen at some point. Please add any ideas/features you would like to see.