Revamped Careers Page is not good

The latest update to the careers page gave us control over color scheme, but we lost control of a few things that were very good about the old careers page setup, such as choosing which fields to have displayed, and options on what field the job seeker can search by.

Now I can pick colors. Please bring back the functionality of the old careers page, I am willing to sacrifice the color schemes.

I agree that this change was a big downgrade for some of us. I’m comfortable saying that I’m very disappointed in the new careers page setup as well, and I don’t feel as though CATS is experiencing any urgency to address these issues. I only recruit healthcare jobs, so all of my positions say Healthcare which ISN’T the level of detail that I have been going for as a client of CATS for many years. It’s level 101 and some of us who shouldn’t be in the remedial class have no other option right now. It could be, and should be so much better.


I’m surprised that there was a such a “dumbing down” of the careers page. The ability to customize the portal and make it look like our own was a great feature and one of the factors behind our decision to go with CATS in the first place. 5 years later and there is now significantly less flexibility in a key area of the software, so that’s disappointing.

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I have also found that with the new careers page setup, candidates can’t login to their profile and they are forced to upload a resume every time they apply for a new position. Why can’t the option to login and use the same resume in their profile be an option? We have candidates apply one day and three days later, when we post a new job, they have to upload their resume again. It might be okay to require one for the first time a profile is created, but otherwise let it just be an option to upload a new one - and obviously, bring back the login option.

This is being addressed as a high priority right now.

We definitely hear your frustrations! I’d like to give a quick summary of the reasoning and goals behind the career portal revamp.

One of the primary pain points with the old portal was that the complete customization offered prevented us from easily updating it with new features or making any significant changes to functionality. The biggest issue here was offering a true mobile experience for applicants—this was something that was frequently cited as a shortcoming of the old portal. In many cases, the old design prevented us from offering an experience that was satisfactory for today’s applicants.

We hope the new portal succeeds much better on this front, with a mobile-first design that works well for the majority of our customers without requiring any complicated setup or configuration. With the old design this was very challenging, since every custom careers page needed to ensure that everything was mobile-friendly by hand. In reality, this meant that almost all totally custom portals were barely usable on a mobile device!

Another issue was that implementing a completely custom portal was far too complicated for most customers. It took a lot of knowledge of HTML and CSS to build a page that matched your site, and a ton of maintenance to keep it updated when your site changed. A problem we encountered frequently was a customer’s site going through a design update which left their careers page in a totally broken state.

Our goal with the new portal is to make this process much simpler, and allow 99% of customers to get a fast, beautiful careers page that matches their brand with little to no effort.

All that said, we totally get that some power users want the level of control the old customization options offered. The color options don’t in all cases allow you to create something that exactly matches your brand, and some features that didn’t make the transition to the new portal (like customizing the fields displayed) we absolutely plan to bring back.

One option that we’ve seen a lot of success with is the new Job Widget. The Widget got a major update at the same time as the new careers page, and it does a much better job of seamlessly listing jobs on your website. Because it renders directly in your page, you have full control over the styling, so it’s pretty simple to blend it in with your page and replicate the majority of the functionality of the old portal. This is another thing we’re working on improving as well with feedback from customers, so if you haven’t taken a look at that option I’d definitely recommend trying it out.

We’re continuously working on improvements to the portal, so stay tuned for more customization options and we hope we’ll be address all your concerns.

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