Request for permission to keep personal data

Where do we get the url to send the candidate the link with the Request for permission to keep their personal data?

Or can we activate the a mail option within Catsone, so catsone send de mail to candidates and consultants?

Hi there,

We don’t currently offer any GDPR related endpoints with the API (though we have been discussing it), so you’ll need to do all that from the UI. In the UI, the link is available on the candidate’s or contact’s profile. Additionally there is a tag that will generate that for you. You can set up a workflow trigger to automatically email candidates their GDPR link when they reach a certain status.

And how can we send a notifier to a consultant if someone is applying for a job that is connected to that specific consultant?

Hello Matthijs,

The main way you would send an email out to a contact when a candidate applies would be by using an email trigger on your initial status that utilizes a contact tag to autofill the email address for the contact at the time of creation. Please see our Customizing the Workflow article for more information on constructing this.

If you have any further questions on GDPR functionality, please direct them to our support team via our address.