Reporting and Recruiter Metrics

Hi. It would be real nice to be able to pull up customizable metrics, perhaps in an excel sheet and preferably in CATS for presentations. The widgets do not provide enough information and are stodgy and you cannot click on the bar graph to gather specific information.

I customized multiple steps in our WORKFLOW and fields in candidate and companies section but they cannot be manipulated in a report.

Yes Please I have the same issue with needing customized reports.

Hey guys,

For the time being, you can export any information stored in standard or custom fields to Excel using the ‘Actions’ dropdown menu in the upper right corner of the grid.

I’m curious to know what reports you’re trying to run? Reporting is something we’re actively discussing at the moment, and any extra detail you can provide will help shape our plans for improving our reports.

Metrics and being able to generate specific reports on those metrics would be great.

Different kinds of metrics depending on the subject.

Internal Metrics (assessing quality of clients)

  • Number of jobs each client has over time span (year, quarter, month etc.)
  • Number of placements made with each client over time span (year, quarter, month etc.)
  • Number of applicants found for each client (per specific job)
  • Responsiveness of each client (call, email)
  • Quality of each job with a given client (Salary, Attractiveness of position, Decline rate after interview process - both on the client side, and the candidate side)
  • Number of candidates submitted for each job order (with ability to stack or group all the open jobs of a given client). Number of declines and acceptances from this number of submitted. (Submitted candidates could each have a rating - perfect match (meets all given requirements) close match (missing only one requirement) and wild card (missing more than one requirement, but sent anyway)
  • Client Decline Reason (this could be done in the workflow but distinction should be made for candidate interviewed)
  • Client profile - Retainer, Contingency or Hybrid (mix of both)
  • Average $ per client over time span and per job class.

Per Job Metrics

  • Popularity of job (how many raw applies)
  • Total number of Interviews generated per job
  • Total number of presentations / interviews per job

Internal efficiency metrics

  • Time placed candidate was in workflow from moment enters CATS, to offer accepted.
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Don’t get your hopes up. I’ve been asking for better reporting for years! CATS has said that was on the road map over 3 years ago. This is my only complaint about CATS. I love the system and work automation but I can’t pull my teams weekly metrics without about an hours worth of work slicing and dicing data and then pulling it all into a spreadsheet. There has got to be a better way!

For metrics, I would love a report that looks at both weekly stats & trailing 8 week charts for:

submittals per person & total

Phone & In person Interviews per person & total

hires per person & total

CATS activities per person

This is very basic team management information that I can’t believe there is not an easy way to pull this out of CATS. Right now you have to to activities and individually look up every one of these numbers.