Placements Tracking

Has there been any discussions in an around a Placements module… that would allow projected income from Perm and Contract hire.

Hi Mark,

Yes, definitely! We’d like to do something like this and would love to chat with you about your needs when it’s time to start planning this.


Tell us more about what you want to see. Do you have a bullet list of ideas/items in mind. Please do share details.


Thanks for the response. What I’m hoping to see, is an ability to log and track contract placements and direct hires.

I would imagine the data can be inputted on the job screen

Perm Hire (Define Rate and projected compensation) Contract Hire: (Define Duration by hours and projected cost and Rate) or Candidate screen

Once a candidate moves to a hire system allows an update to the Compensation for a direct hire or change in duration and or bill rate or pay rate. (For contracts it is important to track C2C or W2, start date, report manager.

Two things are happening here.

  1. we would have the ability to track projected revenue Perm and consultant
  2. we would be able to see actual booked business Revenue and GP

In addition it is important to track every deal by the recruiters and BDM’s that made the placement

I’d love to have a conversation about this.


Mark Vallario

My direct line 973-967-6438

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Great ideas Mark. This should be part of our new push for enhanced CRM functionality in CATS. We are on the drawing board designing a completely new CRM module in CATS and “Job Orders” which is essentially “Opportunities” in a traditional CRM would have potential revenue/margin/probability tracking.