Phone Number listed on Title of Interview Event

(Kaia Kallweit) #1

Can the phone number be automatically populated with the candidates name in the title field of an “interview” event?

(Jeff Pauline) #2

Hi Kaia, thank you for the suggestion!

Let me see if I can help you here. First, how are you creating the events? If you’re just in a candidate profile and clicking ‘Schedule Event’, you can always just copy their phone number first, and paste it in after their name.

However, to automate this process I’d recommend creating events via triggers in your workflow. That way, when you change a candidate’s status to (for example) “Interviewing” you can have an event already filled out and ready to be created. Using the tags in the workflow editor, you could set up the title of your event to be something like: Candidate Name - Phone Number

See the following screenshots to see what I’m talking about:

Setting up the trigger

Using the trigger

Check out our Help Center article on customizing your workflow, and my recorded webinar would be helpful as well. Let me know if you have any questions!