Parse resume to get work history - AFTER candidate record is created

Often times I will contact a new candidate, create a record for that candidate, and enter some basic information on the candidate in my first call, . . .


I will not have the candidate’s resume yet. We are still in the first contact stage.

Once I do get the resume, I will go back to the record and add the resume file to the candidate, BUT, the system does not import WORK HISTORY and other info into the existing candidate record.

Please create an OPTION to PARSE and IMPORT info from candidate resume file to an existing candidate record.

This could also apply to an update resume.

Give the option to IMPORT the updated parsed resume file.

My current work around is to create a new candidate from the resume file, then MERGE. Does the same thing, but just takes more effort on my part . . . .

Thanks in advance for consideration.

Hi Kevin,

This is a good suggestion! I’ll go ahead and add this to our backlog as an improvement. I’m glad you at least figured out that workaround, I was going to suggest it. Not ideal though, I agree.

I’ll discuss this with our team and circle back.