Parse new resumes added to a candidate profile

(Carina Clingman) #1

I don’t think the system will parse new resumes. Similarly, if we update a candidate using the chrome tool, new work information does not populate the profile. I would love to be able to truly update a profile (parsed experience and education) by uploading an updated resume or updating a profile via that chrome tool.

(Caitlin Campbell) #2

To take it one step further… when adding a resume, it would be awesome if we could see whether that candidate was “Updated” (as in the candidate was previously in CATS and we have now updated his/her profile)… or “New” (meaning there is no similar record in CATS).

(Jeff Pauline) #3

This is a great suggestion.

The thing we keep stumbling on is how much transparency is needed to make this useful? Simply telling the system to update a profile with a new resume would be useful for some, but counterproductive for other customers who have spent serious time adding details to their candidate records.

For example, do we overwrite existing information? Do we give you the option to choose what gets overwritten? Obviously the answer to that last question is ‘Yes’, but you can see how this is a trickier issue than it seems.

An interface to let customers choose fields, ignore fields, etc. is quite the undertaking, but it’s something that, if built correctly, could be incredibly useful in more places than just the candidate profile. Merging records, adding via the browser extension, and many other places could benefit from such a feature.

You’ve definitely got the gears turning here! We’ll discuss this further and follow up when we know the best way to proceed.