Optical Character Recognition - Parsing PDFs

Currently CATS doesn’t parse PDFs (e.g. resumes), so the user is left to manually enter candidate data (first name, last name, contact info etc.) into a new candidate record. Would be ideal if CATS could do this for us through Optical Character Recognition.

Hi Brody,

CATS does parse PDF files, but the issue we’ve seen with the files that you’re importing specifically is that they do not contain any actual text, but rather just an image of the text within the PDF. This is where OCR functionality comes into play.

Our product team is looking into what is possible for us to implement on our end, but I would also recommend checking out Google Drive’s automatic OCR functionality as well:


10-4 thanks for that!

The context would be mass importing of paper resumes that TA teams sometimes receive at career events, from walk-ins, etc. If when these resumes are scanned they convert to an image, would like the ability for CATS to parse this image (vs. labour intensive process scan to PDF, run the PDF through an additional program, then upload to CATS) and have had this functionality previously with larger ATS. Appreciate you looking into this and thanks again!


We had another suggestion on this as well! Keep the comments coming, folks!

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