October Product Updates

  • SMS Trigger

  • SMS Opt In/Out

    • Recipients of SMS messages sent from your CATS account can now choose to opt out of receiving future messages by replying with any of the following:


      Recipients can also opt back in by sending START to the CATS SMS number.

  • Date of Last Mapping Column/Filter

    • We’ve also added new columns and filters that allow you to view and filter on when a candidate’s most recent mapped status change was performed, e.g. Date of Last Submission. On Candidate grids the following columns have been added:

      • Date of Last Submission
      • Date of Last Interview
      • Date of Last Offer
      • Date of Last Placement

      While on the Job Order Pipelines, the values of these columns will be regarding the Job Order of that same row, as a candidate could appear in multiple pipelines. This is also the case while viewing the pipeline within a Job Order record - the values in these columns will be regarding that Job Order only.