Numeric Searches

I would like to see this added in, for Rates and even for Dates. Any field that is a numeric search, like Salary rates, etc., we should be able to look for LARGER THAN or SMALLER THAN in the search fields that are numeric.

E.G.: If we are searching for candidates that look for less than 50,000 and we have an annual salary field filled out, we should be able to search all Salary expectations less than 50K, so < 50,000 in the annual salary field.



Hi Zane,

Taking a look at your CATS account, it looks like you’re not using the standard CATS fields of Current Pay and Desired Pay. This is probably because we don’t allow you to do Greater than or Less than searches on these fields. Currently, anything can be entered in those fields, which is why the types of filters you mentioned are not available. We can discuss internally how to tackle this, but we have to keep in mind that many of our current users probably have a wide variety of data in there.

It looks like you guys set up a custom dropdown field to get around this, with a number of salary range options to choose from. One suggestion I can offer would be to instead create a custom field named “Salary” or something similar, and set it as a Number type. That would allow you to use Greater than and Less than filters. See the following screenshot:


Since you’re not a Site Administrator, someone else on your account would have to make those fields for you. Let me know if that helps at all!

That is awesome! Thanks Jeff!