Notify a user when putting a Person into a Job pipeline if that Person is already active in another pipeline

Could be disastrous if one person in your company is negotiating a final offer with a candidate when another person in your company contacts the same candidate about another job opportunity!!

Agreed. Further, sometime a person is the right fit for one position and not another (with different hiring managers) and they get rejected and contacted by our company in the same week.

notification is okay but I also would want to see on the screen all the jobs they have applied to any time I look at their profile.

Perhaps just an icon to show that the candidate is in active stages of an open job could be helpful instead of a notification? Or an option to turn the notification off.

We often have candidates in multiple pipelines, so we would get notifications constantly! We typically check the job order list on the candidate profile before reaching out. But I realize we all have different workflows.