Next Candidate Arrow - Progress to next candidate

(Mark Hopkins) #1

On the candidate screen, it would be very handy to click over to the next candidate in the pipeline.

Currently, users must return to the candidate list and then select the next candidate for review.

Why not add an arrow on the candidate profile to process to the next candidate in the pipeline.

The ability to move to the next candidate in a search list or job pipeline is a standard of most other ATS applications.

(Chris Knutson) #2

Hello Mark,

If you’re using the preview options for a candidate’s profile in the grid, then you do have the ability to move between candidate profiles by using the “Next” and “Previous” options in the upper right of the preview window.

The reason that we don’t have this available within the full profile for a candidate is that there is no way for the system to know what grid should be referenced or that the candidate is even in a list of any sort that would need to be cycled through. The preview for candidates does have these reference points, which allows that cycling to happen.