New Portal - Global Recruiting Support by Allowing Field selections in new portal.

The new portal layout and features do not support global recruitment advertising.
The address entered into each Job Order is where it is advertised on the connected free and paid Job Boards that are connected in CATS.

Example: I have a job in the UAE and am looking for candidates from the USA.
Before the portal changes I would enter a USA address in the Job Order and in the Job Title indicate (Relocation to the UAE). This would ensure the job is advertised in the USA. I turned off the location on the Job Portal because it would show as the USA.

Now this option is gone and the Job Portal has no ability to have fields turned on or off. It has less functionality than before the upgrade. All of my international jobs show as local.
When I correct this issue in the Job Orders/New Portal the Jobs that i am trying to fill Overseas will only be advertised in the country where the job is. Yet I am targeting expatriates in other countries.

I cannot be the only firm that recruits globally? I would suggest either allowing a work-around having the fields selectable on the portal. Or even better yet creating a city/country listing for the free and paid job boards to use that is different from where the job is.