More Intelligent Boolean Searching

(Caitlin Campbell) #1

I’d really like to see more intelligent boolean searching. Currently, if I am under the candidates tab and search “project manager,” it will come up with anyone who has “project” and “manager” somewhere in their resume. I want only the resumes that have the actual phrase “project manager” in them.

(Chris Knutson) #2

Hello Caitlin,

CATS actually has fully functioning boolean searching capability! In the case you mentioned, you would need to include Project Manager in quotes (ex. “Project Manager”) in order to pull up results for that exact phrase. Take a look at our Searching in CATS Knowledge Base article for more ways to use boolean terms in CATS!

(Caitlin Campbell) #3

Hi Chris!

Thanks for reaching out so quickly. I definitely put it in quotes if I’m using a phrase and not just a single word! It still comes up with profiles that have “project” and “manager” rather than “project manager.” I can try to take a screenshot and send it to y’all if you think that might help. I just need an email to send it to!

(Chris Knutson) #4

Feel free to submit a ticket to our support team to look into via