Metrics over a defined period or counting tasks

For a given job order, assigning a goal number of occurrences for the week would be very helpful. It would be great to have a trigger that would count that toward the goal. For example, let’s say we’d like to send 20 outreach emails a week, but manually counting to make sure we reach our goal for that job is time-consuming, but a very important part of the work we do. Additionally, some of this work is done over various days so it’d be great to have a weekly running total.

A couple ways to implement this, though I am sure there are more:

  1. Within a job, an option to display the number of candidates that are given a particular status, say “outreach status,” for a defined period (that already occurs for the duration of the job in the historical graph)
  2. A task that has the ability to track instances and completes for that defined period when those numbers are reached.

Hi Jessica,

This is a good suggestion, and it is always helpful to hear how our users run their recruiting operations.

While we have something similar to this with the pipeline chart (see screenshot), I can see the benefit in narrowing it down to a certain timeframe.

I’ll be making a note of your suggestion for tracking tasks/setting goals. Reporting is something we plan on tackling in our next version, and a huge part of that is tracking activities (tasks, calls, emails) that take place in regards to job orders.


Hi Jeff, thanks, that’s great to hear. I’m excited to see what’s next in CATS.

Maybe even something like a toggle for the pipeline chart to show last 7 days would be helpful!