Mass edit statuses from the candidate view

Currently you can only edit multiple candidate statuses from within the job order. It would be great to do this from the candidate view for people across job orders.

For example, I have a dynamic report that pulls all candidates with an actively interviewing status and sometimes I see that their status needs to be updated from one stage to the next. It would be great to be able to select multiple people and make the change right on that view but right now I have to navigate to the job order page, find the candidates again and change from there.

Hello Amy,

You can actually do mass status changes from the Candidates / Job Order Pipelines view. If you look at the top of your Candidates grid where it says “Candidates / All” you can click on that which will open up a dropdown to view the Job Order Pipelines grid. This grid contains candidates that are only within job orders in CATS, and allows you to sort based on statuses, as well as use a mass action to change statuses.