Make CELL # field the Default when Auto-Parsing Resumes [Completed!]

Right now, the HOME # field is the Default when Auto-Parsing Resumes.
It is no longer 1965. When people post a resume with just 1 phone # - it is their CELL #. Can we adjust CATS so that is the default field for non-specified phone #s to parse into when creating a new CANDIDATE profile?

YES, YES, YES, YES, YES!!! If this can’t be automated, we should at least be able to choose!

Thank you for the feedback! Currently, our resume parser attempts to categorize a phone number as Cell, Home or Work. When it can’t determine a category we’ve been defaulting the phone numbers to Home.

We do agree that, especially with the recent addition of SMS texting, that Mobile/Cell would be a better fit.

So, I’ve got this ticketed out as an improvement to make! We’ll make sure to fit it into our next development cycle, and reply to this thread when this has been completed. We’ll also post in the Announcements & News section of the forum as well. Stay tuned!

Hi all,

This was completed today. Now, by default, when we can’t categorize a number it will be set as mobile.

Keep the suggestions coming!

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I haven’t seen this change here on my end. I’m still having to manually change all of the applies from the home number to cell here on my end on 09/27

Same as Payne. Mine defaults to home.

Hey Derek,

I took a look at your application and it appears you are saving phone numbers to the “phone home” field, which is why they are all coming in as home phone numbers. If you saved these numbers to “Phone Mobile” all phone numbers from applications would be saved as a mobile number. You can get change this in Portal > Applications. We would be happy to help you further if you submit a ticket to our support email at

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