List of helpful sourcing tools

(Jeff Pauline) #1

Hey guys, just thought I’d share a few tools we’ve come across here at CATS. A few of them are used by current CATS customers, and a few we’ve learned about by visiting conferences and attending webinars.

  1. First things first, our browser extension! This free tool is extremely powerful, allowing you to parse Candidates and Contacts directly into CATS from sites like LinkedIn, Monster, CareerBuilder, Github etc.

    Browser Extension for Chrome Browser Extension for Firefox

  2. LinkMatch [$5.99/month] - This tool shows you if LinkedIn search results are already in CATS. Our browser extension also does this, but only once you’re on an individual’s profile page.

  3. - This website lets you verify email addresses to make sure they’re legitimate, and also has a more useful tool (in my opinion) that will give you the format of a company’s email. For example, is it or jsmith? Maybe it is Check it out!

  4. Pocket Recruiter - Fully integrated with CATS, Pocket Recruiter is an AI based search and selection tool, which dramatically reduces the time it takes to screen, source, and evaluate candidates.

  5. SourceHub - Once you register with your email, you can use their free boolean search string builder to run searches in CATS, LinkedIn, and any other database that supports Boolean logic (most do). For the unfamiliar a brief explanation of boolean logic can be found on our Help Center, near the bottom of our Searching in CATS article.

(Jeff Pauline) #2

After attending a few conferences this past fall, I wanted to update this article with some more helpful tools I learned about.

For finding contact information, here are 4 helpful Chrome extensions:

  1. (5 credits free, $75/month)
  2. (free trial, pricing hidden)
  3. (Integrates with CATS! $29 or $59 per month for 50 or 150 credits)

For sourcing new contacts/business:

  1. Reference USA - free from local library. Search by industry, location, size, sales.
  2. - Human-verified leads