Linking Information to Candidate with a Specific Job Order

In Workflow, it would be really neat to include custom fields that are linked to a Candidate and Specific Job Order. (e.g. Interview Date, Time, Address, Start Date, etc.)

Note, that these fields don’t really “fit” onto the Candidate page because they are Job-order Specific. One thought is that when one of these fields are populated, they could appear under the associated Job Order in the “Job Orders” section. That would be SUPER helpful.

For example, when I have a candidate interviewing at multiple Jobs, all of the coordinating can get tedious, which makes my process error-prone (Let me know if you have seen other users have a better process!). When confirming an interview I include the Interview Date, Time, and Address information in the notes section of the status change and also have to type it into a: Candidate Email, Client Email, Calendar Entry (fo candidate & client). And then, I have to make sure I don’t confuse that with other interviews I am setting up for the Candidate or Client.

It would be great when I change a candidate status to “INTERVIEWING” that custom optional fields pop up with Date, Time & Address and then there can be a quick save feature (similar to when I update a single field in any profile). Then, the magic would happen if this could function similar to the other candidate tags in the way that they can “merge” into a Workflow action. These custom fields could create tags such as: %Interview_Date_[Job Order ID or Title]%, %Interview_Time_[Job Order ID or Title]%, and %Interview_Address_[Job Order ID or Title]% (so I could input a different address if different from company address).

These tags could flow directly into the features I have built into the workflow I have customized by merging into the emails I send, a calendar entry, and a text reminder I send to the candidate.

It would be nice to have this auto-add to the Note when saved so that I could see the interview time in the activity Log.

Similarly, It would be nice to save a Start Date in Workflow. As that could flow into new hire workflows or invoicing, if invoicing becomes a future feature.