Limit Job Posting to a particular user account level

(Jodi Lawson) #1

At this time anyone can post a job to our careers portal or other job portals, however we would like to limit job posting to a particular access level to ensure all processes are completed before the job is externally posted. Is there currently any way to do this or can this function be introduced to the HR version>

(Jeff Pauline) #2

Hi Jodi,

This is a good suggestion! We’re currently taking a close look at user access levels, and job posting is definitely something to consider.

I’m curious, would it be useful to restrict job posting by access level, or would it be better to offer it as a user-specific setting like we currently do with grid exports? (see screenshot)

(Jodi Lawson) #3

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for getting back to me.

I think offering job posting as a user specific setting like grid exports would be the best way. That provides more flexibility to the organisation and they have the ability to provide access to this when cover is required if someone is away without providing access to other features of CATS that may not be required by that user level. Cheers, Jodi