Keyword Search Option/Filtered Options to New Portal [Complete!]

I’ve been in contact with CATS over the past few days in regards to their new job portal that they will be switching all of their clients to in 2019. They informed me that CATS will no longer be offering the “keyword search” option unless enough of their clients voice their opinions/need for this feature. I asked them if they could implement the keyword search feature and make it possible to turn it “on/off” so that their clients that don’t use it aren’t bothered by it while clients like us who do find this feature useful still can use it.

They also mentioned maybe adding filter options but weren’t set on which options they will be including. Right now, it’s just a drop down list of every city/state combination that is listed on our jobs. Our suggestions for these would be zip code and state and to make all the filtered choices optional so users aren’t required to use them.

Would anyone else find these features useful?

I absolutely would find these options useful. Without those options I am afraid candidates will find the page too cumbersome to search for the positions that would interested them. Most of our positions have the same title so it will be very hard to look through without these options.


Not having keyword or geographic search filters when we typically have over 100 jobs is completely silly. Our business depends on people applying to our jobs and forcing them to scroll through 100 jobs or 100 cities/states will not work. Please fix this.


A job board that does not have a search feature or filtering options is not fully functional in my opinion.

LinkedIn, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, etc. all allow job seekers to narrow down their choices. CATS should have this too; it’s a no brainer!!

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I just saw someone else post about this topic too so it’s not just our company that wants filtering options for the portal!

You can see @gerry’s request here: Portal Filters

CATS, any update on this?

This is something that we plan on adding in a update soon. Stay tuned!

We have rolled out many improvements to the Career Portal in the past few weeks. To refresh yourself on the changes take a look at our recent post in the Announcements & News section: Improvements to the Career Portal

Thank you again for all of the feedback!