Invoice Client directly from CATS

It would be great to have a feature where once you close the job and have input all the relevant information, you can select to invoice a client directly from CATS or at the very least, have CATS create the invoice for you.

Hi Matt,

We’ve started laying the groundwork to build a feature just like this. How detailed of an invoice do you think you would require?

You said “all the relevant information” and I’m just curious what that would contain. Obviously the invoice would have all the basic things like your company name, logo, address, and the all of the clients information. Anything else?

We’re looking at a bunch of examples of invoices right now to make sure what we build is a good fit for the recruiting industry.

@Jeff I would be stoked to have an invoicing feature added to CATS software. Some additional items to what you mentioned, that I would be interested in, include. (those items starred are especially important): Company billing contact name & contact info, *Placed Candidate name, *Candidate ID, *open field for candidate title/placement type (that way I could input custom placement information as based on my contracts. For example, I bill a flat fee that differs for a Part Time RN vs. Full Time RN), *Start date, *Invoice date, *Invoice due date, *placement fee, *Bill total, *open notes field for any explanations (this could double as the section to describe the placement type).

It would be nice to send multiple candidates on one invoice (maybe a check box to include candidates on an invoice?), but it wouldn’t be that big of a deal if I sent a separate invoice for each candidate.

It would be important to have a feature to send an invoice Cancellation or Credit Memo should that be necessary.

I imagine all of the billing amounts would need to be custom fields. At times I have to replace a candidate that did not complete the placement guarantee period. So I would need functionality to put a $0.00 in the placement fee field.

Thanks for your attention!

Please see the “Linking Information to Candidate with a Specific Job Order” Post I made today (still pending approval) for an idea on integrating start dates tags with specific Job Orders. That would help in the invoicing process as it could pull that date into the invoice and be really helpful for recording purposes.