Introducing Keyboard Shortcuts

Hi folks - my name is Taylor Johnson and I’m on the Customer Success team here at CATS. We’re always looking for ways to make your job easier, to save you time, and to increase efficiency. Our most recent addition to CATS is designed to do just that. Introducing - keyboard shortcuts!

Keyboard shortcuts are a great way to quickly move through CATS and perform the most common actions, allowing you to streamline your entire workflow using nothing but your keyboard. You can find all of the available keyboard shortcuts by clicking on the Support icon (?) in the top right corner of any screen in CATS then selecting Keyboard Shortcuts.

The 3 main aspects of CATS you can control using keyboard shortcuts are: navigation, adding records, and performing actions.

Navigating and creating records using keyboard shortcuts requires a sequence of keys - G (for “go”) to navigate and A (for “add”) to create. The next key you enter within one second determines where you’d like to navigate, or the record type you’d like to create. For example - to add a job order you’d press “A” followed immediately by “J”. To navigate to your Candidates grid, you’d press “G” followed immediately by “C” and so on.

The Utility Panel keyboard shortcuts all pertain to actions you can perform on records. What this means is that you either need to be inside of a record profile or have the Utility Panel opened on the grid already.

For a full list of all your keyboard shortcuts check out this article in the CATS Knowledge Base.