Interview Event Scheduling - Remove Date Auto Input

When scheduling an “interview” event it would be great to initially be presented with a “blank” date and time box forcing the user to select the correct date and time rather than having Cats input today’s date. Interviews are rarely set up and booked in for the same day and this automatic input creates a wide margin for user error if they get side-tracked and forget to change this date.

Hi Tony,

Are you referring to an event created via workflow trigger? I noticed one of your triggers (On the Phone Interview status) has the date set to 1 second, which could be adjusted. I think our default on triggers is 3 days.

Or are you just referring to scheduling an event manually on a record? I see we do populate the current date at that time. I’ll discuss the intended behavior of this with our team.

Thank you for the suggestion!

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your email, I appreciate you looking into this.

I think it would be applicable in both instances for a manual set up and trigger because the interview date is always going to a user set variable 100% of the time.

Cats inputting any date into these fields will always be wrong and it leave a massive window for user error if they don’t update it which can happen as we’re constantly side tracked.

If it was blank then it would force the user to select a date and time which would in effect solve the issue.

I’m not 100% what the date and time function does when setting up a new task. I’ve set it to 1 second on the basis that it inputs a date into the task field 1 second from when it is set up but I don’t see the value of this. Please do correct me if I am wrong and missing the point of that function, there is a good chance I may have misunderstood what it actually does.