Integrating a Scheduling Program Into CATS

(Robert Wilcox) #1

I use Assistant.To, but there are several out there. These add ons make the time consuming process of scheduling multiple appointments/interviews much more efficient. If one of these Scheduling programs could be integrated into the workflow (either as a trigger option or by itself) that would be incredibly helpful.

Here are some examples of this type of technology:

Assistant.To Mixmax Calendly (via Google)

(Chris Knutson) #2

Hello Robert!

We actually just released our own in-house meeting scheduler for CATS. You can read more about it from our post in Announcements and News, or from our Knowledge Base article. Both are linked to below.

(Jeff Pauline) #3

Jumping in here to also point out a Community post by Tony that highlights a number of ways to use the Meeting Scheduler.