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We have a problem - we get incorrect information when we download it from CATS via API. It is connected with index of the downloading field.

Every Field (Skype, Salary in 1 year, English level, Screening results, Birthday etc.) has own Index in array.

If Field has index <25 - everything is correct. If Field has index >25 - info is incorrect.

How can we change the Index of the Fields?


Hi there,

When you say the information is incorrect, you you mean the field is completely missing? Or that the field is returned but with incorrect data?

What is the url you are attempting to get this data from?

We want to update the Candidates data on the daily basis in our database by API, and we can update data of only 25 fields at once, other fields (with index >25 ) need updating one by one row. We want to change some fields indexes to updating them everyday faster than one by one row.

Hi there,

There shouldn’t be any reason that you shouldn’t be able to update more than 25 fields at once on a record. Can you give me an example call you are making with 26 that is failing?

We can update and download in 1 package (up to 100 candidates) only 25 custom fields (index <25) for each candidate.

For other custom fields 25+ (index >25) we need to use individual downloading which is the problem for us.

So can we update and download in 1 package more than 25 custom fields? Or if it is impossible - can we change the number of index for each field to choose which is more important for us?

Also we need to set up automatic receiving data from CATS on every day basis for our report in DB.

Embedded data pulled from the API is limited to 25 total fields. If you need to fetch more, you need to make a separate call to fetch a page of 100 custom fields on a candidate. There are no such limits on updating however. If you know all the custom field ids for candidate custom fields, you can post all of the ones you want to update at once.

If you need to receive automatic data from CATS, you can use our webhooks. Every time a specified record type is created, updated, deleted, or has its status changed, you can have CATS send that data to a url of your choice. It’s also worth noting that these webhooks do not have embed limits on them, so all custom fields would be available in the webhook data.

Thanks. Can we change the indexes in the arrays of custom fields that they give us?

No, the embedded custom fields are sent in a set way.

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Okay, thanks for your support!