Inconsistencies in EEO-1 / 503 / VEVRAA Compliance Tracking

I would like to request that the EEO-1 / 503 / VEVRAA compliance tracking be updated. The 503 and VEVRAA portions require answers for both questions, and candidates must opt-out as required for compliance. The EEO-1 questions are not set up the same way, so answers are not required, and there is no opt-out which means that candidates can just ignore this part of the application, and no amount of reporting can determine if the candidate actually opted out or if they just didn’t answer the question. These two actions are not the same thing, and I’m concerned that this is not what is required. For proper tracking and compliance, candidates need to opt out. Not answering the question isn’t the same thing as opting out. Please address this for consistency and compliance. I think that all four questions should be required and have an option to opt-out as required by law.

Concur! Can we also have an option to enable/disable this compliance feature for each pipeline as opposed to a blanket selection?