Include Recipient Name on Email History (Activities)

Would it be possible to include the recipient’s name (if multiple, not needed) as a Column Header, PLEASE? I use this function to monitor effectiveness of email messaging, to see if an email has been opened and read, and if it has been opened, how often.

Currently, I am opening a candidate’s profile, looking at the activity log, and then hopefully find the day/time on the email history. It would be so much more streamlined and user friendly if you simply provided the ability to have a searchable column header with “Recipients Name”.

Included a screen shot for reference.

Yes! I have been wanting this as well.

New Logo looks great … but, any chance we could get names on our email list history?


Hello Greg,

We’re glad you love the new logo!

Unfortunately this is probably not going to be something that we can do due to the fact that a column like that would need to include the names of every recipient in the email. We wouldn’t be able to put the specific logic into it that you detailed, it just really doesn’t work that way. You could potentially have thousands of names in that column for a specific email record, which would completely break the grid.

So steal a page from mail programs and other apps: If more than one or two names, list number of recipients. Or, simply default it to a single name, if more it remains blank.

Hi Greg, thanks for the feedback!

Would it be more useful to provide email statistics (opens, clicks, etc) in the activities section of a candidate profile? Because, if so, that is something we can definitely try to display. We are completely revamping the activity section of Candidate profiles with our Nala release.


From what I understand you’re looking at a candidate record, then basically cross referencing with the Email History page to see if they opened the email?

The answer is yes. And no.

Yes: It’d be great to see email activity: opens and clicks, number of opens, first and last opens in Borge the email history and candidate activity.

No: I have the email history open anytime I’m using Cats. I watch activity, see what messages are working and which are not. Having a single page is far better than being required to click through each and every candidate profile.

Greg Menefee

Again, sorry, yes and no.

Yes: I call or email candidates three times before moving on. Usually once a week for three weeks. As I move the candidate, say from the first call/email to the next I will go back to see if they have read the email, cross referencing as I go. If I see a candidate hasn’t opened an email, I will oftentimes reach out via LinkedIn or through Indeed/monster/dice, etc.

No: when I am merely running through the past weeks emails I open each and every one to see who it was sent to. If I notice someone has opened an email multiple times, I will go ahead and call/ send the next email.

For instance today, I sent an email to a candidate who missed a scheduled follow up. I emailed after hanging up, notice she opened it immediately. She has yet to respond so I’m not chasing her anymore.

I also love when someone tells me they haven’t seen an email I sent yet I could tell they’ve opened on more than one occasion.

When I was training recruiters at Zume, I spent a lot of time explaining the value of watching candidate activity.

If you’d like to screen share or discuss over the phone I’d be happy to help.

Hope this helps.

Greg Menefee

Hi Greg,

Thanks for the detailed response! Yeah I’d love to chat about this further, unfortunately I’m traveling the remainder of this week. I’ll reach out early next week and see if you are available at all.

Always helpful to hear how our users are actually working in the system.

No worries, here’s my contact info. Reach out a day or two ahead of time and we’ll get it on our calendars.



I would love for opens and clicks to be recorded in candidate activity section! I am constantly checking to see if emails were opened. I use it like Jeff does - to know if candidates received it and if/when to follow up or if I need to try another method (phone, text, LinkedIn).

I also use it with my clients to make sure they get my submittals and I can call and follow-up if they don’t open it in a day or so.

It would also be helpful to see because if I send a mass email and the candidate applies to that job the next day, I usually assume it’s because of the email they received, but actually knowing they opened it & seeing that in their activity would help support my theory easily (without me having to go through the hundreds of pages of “opens” in the email history report to see if I can spot the candidate’s name).

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Hi Megan,

We’re completely overhauling the activities section of candidate profiles, and we should be able to squeeze opens/clicks in as an improvement to that section. Stay tuned for more information!


Jeff & CATS Crew … THANKS!!! I just went to my email history and, VIOLA! Candidate Names!!! IT’S BEAUTIFUL!!!