Include or favor Quick Notes in preview panel

Quick Notes is a far more useful function for teams, and it would be great if you could either configure a preference to see Notes or Quick Notes in the record preview panel, or even at a minimum if you could simply see the Quick Notes with member and date attribution regardless of the ability to manage the Quick Notes directly from the preview panel.

Hi Eric,

Thank you for the suggestion! I’ve heard this from a few other sources. I’ll definitely discuss this with our team and see if we can figure out a way to fit this into a future development cycle.


Notes/Quick Notes are bit of a leftover legacy fields and need to be consolidated and redesigned in a better more intuitive way for all the data items, I would say. A quick note should also be shown in the feed which it currently isn’t and that’s not right. This should be fixed and easily viewable and editable in preview for sure. Agreed.

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