Include Department in Job Order Search

I use the department field to delineate companies within a VC firm. Is it possible to include the department when searching job orders?

I can see them displayed after the company name, but when I search, I return no results.

Hi Jessica,

Can you elaborate on how you’re searching? On the Job Orders page, you can add a filter for a department. I see you have the column on your grid already, simply hover over the column header and click the green plus sign to add a filter for department.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Hi Jeff,

If I search for the department (say VL51) it doesn’t populate in the search, I would need to first search for the larger company and then filter by department. I was surprised the department field wasn’t captured in that search.



Jessica Martin, PhD

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Hi Jessica,

It looks like you might have a company filter selected in the upper right corner, see my screenshot.

If this is not the case, I would recommend giving our support team a call. I can search and filter by departments without issue on your site.

So if you clear that company filter and remove the “department contains” just set everything back to default, you can find VL52? If I do, it returns no results.

I’ll check in with the support team. Thanks!

Hi Jeff,

Thank you for your help with this. Would it be possible to add a department column to the job order popup that appears when adding an existing candidate to an existing job order? I’ve included a screen shot that shows identical titles for two different departments within a company.

It would be great to be able to customize the columns that appear and filter by recruiter or job order owner as well!

Thank you!